Ahiba Texomats - (FES #1907) and G6B 008
Ahiba Texomats - (FES #1907) and G6B 008

Ahiba Texomats


Product Description

Ahiba Texomats (FES #1907)

  • Tall Boy Model
  • glass viewing panels in front and back sides
  • 12 position
  • for atmospheric work
  • capable of doing work above the boil (requires stainless steel pressure beakers, which are not included in this quote, but available from Fritz Equipment Service)
  • agitation provided by up and down movement, along with twist action
  • double anchor stirrers have one fixed anchor and one moveable anchor that permits user to provide tension as needed to fabric sample to prevent uneven dyeing
  • Type WBRGS
  • 220 volt, 3 phase, 20 amps
  • Exterior Dimensions:  33 1/4”W (+8” for control box on right side) x 42 3/4”H x 14”D
  • with after market West 2054 programmable controller (with manual)
  • with full set of (12) Pyrex beakers and (12) stainless steel double anchor stirrers:  your choice of 200 ml or 400 ml size
  • with (12) beakers collars and (12) rubber hole covers


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