Air Permeability Tester – Frazier


Product Description

Air Permeability Tester (FES #2213)

  • Frazier Precision Instrument Co.
  • low pressure model:  designed for textile type materials also used on any fiber product, including paper, felt, nonwoven materials and filters
  • SN 911
  • tests differential pressure air permeability
  • water pressure gauge: 0-1.0 inch, .01 inch graduations
  • variable speed blower motor
  • with full set of orifices and test plate
  • Exterior Dimensions:  48”W x 49 1/4”H x 24”D
  • 120 volts
  • complies with the following test methods:  ASTM D461, D737, D117, F778, DART70.0; Federal Test Method Standard 191, Method 5450; and American Standards Association Standard ASA No. L14.51-1970